Domestic/Swinging - Timber Doors


Which Icon Should I Choose?

Key Lockable - handles and locks that require a key to gain entry. Most commonly used for external doors, they can be used for internal doors as well. Generally this furniture will be labelled as "entrance sets" or "storeroom sets" (different locking functions).

Lockable - handles and locks that are lockable, but are not unlocked by key. Most commonly these will be used on bathroom or toilet doors and usually described as "privacy sets".

Non-Lockable - these handles have no locking function at all and are generally used on internal doors such as bedrooms, laundry, etc. The common label for this furniture is "passage sets".

Digital Locks - these locks require no keys and are accessed by typing in a PIN code. They can be suited to either internal or external usage and are a great solution where circulation or continual loss of keys can be an issue. 



















Brava Urban Dummy LEX Leverset
Brava Urban LEX series dummy lever. Domestic grade dummy lever.                                                               ...
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