What Do The Terms Mean?

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Keyed Alike

Keyed alike means that all locks are opened by the same key. Locks can be ordered keyed alike, or if the lock is rekeyable (see explanation below), then it can be modified later to be keyed alike. One of the advantages of ordering from a locksmith is the flexibility around ordering locks keyed alike, with unlimited batch sizes.


Keyed to Differ

Keyed to differ means that all locks are opened by their own individual keys. 



If a lock is rekeyable, then the cylinder housing the lock can be easily removed and the internal pins reconfigured so that a different key is required to open the lock. This is advantageous as it allows locks to be keyed alike after they are bought, or a different key system installed.


Door Furniture

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

A double cylinder deadbolt has key ways on both the inside and outside of the lock (door). This means that to lock the door from the inside, the key is required. It has some advantages over the single cylinder in that the door can be key locked on the inside so for example young kids can't exit through the door, it also means thieves can't exit through the door and have to leave through a window or some other exit (that's a bit hard when you're trying to carry a big TV!).

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

A single cylinder deadbolt has a key way on the outside of the lock (door) only and on the inside it has a turn knob of some form which is used to lock or unlock the door from the inside. So no key is required to lock the door from the inside.



Lever Set

This has the push down door handle to open the door, as shown in the picture below. In some circumstances lever sets are mandatory instead of knob sets, check your local fire regulations if unsure.

Lever Set

Knob Set

This has the turn knob handle to open the door, as shown in the picture below.

Knob Set


Entrance Set

Has a key hole on side and a push in knob or turn nib on the other side for locking the door. Generally used for external doors, but can be used for internal doors as well if there is a need for the door to be lockable. 


Privacy Set

Has a push in knob or turn nib on one side for locking the door and a safety release function on the other side. These are generally used for internal doors such as toilets or bathrooms, where there is a need for the door to be lockable, but it can be unlocked with requiring a key, normally a screwdriver is required. 


Passage Set

Has only door knobs on each side with no lockable functionality at all. Generally used for internal doors only. 


Tiebolt vs Cylindrical Fixing

Although both systems provide the same level of security, generally Tiebolt Fixed locks include some slight lower quality parts and so are a little lower in cost. The differences between Tiebolt and Cylindrical have become very blurred these days as the two products overlap each other. So if this area is important to you. we suggest you call our locksmiths at Toplock on 1300 553 945 during business hours.