Domestic/Swinging/Timber - Key Lockable


Which Icon Should I Choose?

Deadlatches - these are a combination usually involving a handle or knob on the inside and a key only fascia on the outside of the door. They provide a reasonable degree of security and are very popular as the sole lock on doors.

Deadbolts - these have a bolt action that is activated from the inside by either a very small knob (single cylinder) or by key (double cylinder). They provide a high degree of strength to your locking system and are more commonly used in conjunction with a knobset or leverset, then being the sole handle and lock on the door.

Knobsets - spherical handles of varying shapes on both sides of the door.

Leversets - a pull down handle of varying shapes on both sides of the door.

Combination Packs - these include combination packs such as a knobset and deadbolt pack, as well as combination items, such as a single handle with knobset on one side and leverset on the other.

Note if you're looking for a combination (knob on one side and lever on the other, or similar). Then these are all in our Combination Packs page under Domestic/Swinging/Timber.








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