Keyed Alike Padlocks

We sell a lot of products, but we specialise in keyed alike padlocks, in quantities greater than you can buy from your local hardware chain.

Whether you want 4 keyed alike padlocks, or 400, we can easily make it happen!

Our web site will take you through a series of questions leading you to the right keyed alike padlock to suit your needs. If you already know which padlock you need, then you can use the Search function above, or use the Catalog item to show all products.


Which Keyed Alike Padlock Type Do I Need?

Factory Produced - these keyed alike padlocks are "mass produced" by suppliers and so there is a possibility that someone else could have a key that opens your padlock. They are also only produced for a defined period of time, so if you want to order more padlocks at a later time keyed the same, there is a possibility that the lock series has stopped production. However, they are the lowest cost option and can be ordered in large quantities.

Rekeyable - with these keyed alike padlocks we can remove the cylinder and rekey the lock to whatever configuration is required. They are the ultimate in flexibility, as new padlocks can be rekeyed to an existing key, keyed alike in differing groups, keyed onto a restricted key system, or even master keyed. New or replacement padlocks can also be added later with 100% confidence they will match existing keys. However, they are a higher cost option than factory produced padlocks.


                       Factory Keyed Alike Padlock                    Rekeyable Keyed Alike Padlock                             

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